Associate Members

As an Association, the IAHSP® Europe provides support, information and advice to professionals in the Home Staging industry, contributing to its recognition.
Working closely with all service providers involved in the Home Staging process from beginning to end, the IAHSP® Europe also serves as a link between Staging Professionals and Industry Partners, suppliers and clients.
To strengthen the industry and the connections formed due to the preparation and presentation of a property for the market, the IAHSP® Europe welcomes Real Estate Agents, Property Developers, and service providers to become part of our Association as IAHSP® EU ASSOCIATES who partners for success.
The IAHSP® Europe strongly believes in the effectiveness of collaboration and partnerships. IAHSP® EU ASSOCIATES will be part of a selected group of companies and professionals who will benefit from being closely connected to our members and with whom we would like to build a fruitful relationship.


Who can apply

Real Estate Agents, Property Developers, Service providers, Video makers, Photographers, and other professionals who are involved in the Home Staging industry.
Partner for success. Become an Associate Member.
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