The International Association of Home Staging Professionals® Europe is part of the original industry association that has set the standards of excellence and ethics since 1999. We believe education is paramount to the integrity of our association and require that members have training in the Home Staging industry. This differentiating factor is important so that all members have a benchmark of education and training relative to Home Staging.

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The International Association of Home Staging Professionals® Europe is the premier Home Staging industry association that has set standards of education, excellence and ethics for its members. We invite you to join this respected industry association and experience the many benefits of members including:

  • The ability to join our annual IAHSP® EU Conference for high-level learning and networking
  • Access to Key Industry Company Partnerships and Discounts
  • Ability to create a Profile on our site where you will be found by the public for business and referrals
  • Participation in Worldwide Staging Service Week (WWSSW) where members give back to their communities 
  • Ongoing Education and New Designations sponsored by IAHSP® and taught by respected Home staging training companies

So join us – register NOW and start your journey as an IAHSP® EU Member!

For questions email [email protected] We look forward to welcoming you to IAHSP® Europe!

IAHSP® is here to serve it’s members and to bring networking opportunities, business building ideas, and Staging skills to all who join our association.

The full list of our international approved courses and designations can be found at www.iahsp.com

Do you live and work outside the European Continent?

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