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Stagedhomes.com® is the World Leader in Home Staging Education.

Since 1999, we have graduated tens of thousands of students through our award-winning programs. We teach estate agents how to include Home Staging as a key listing and marketing tool for their business to equip them to be more productive, successful, and profitable.

We teach those who want be a professional Home Stager how to establish, market, manage and maintain a successful and profitable staging business.

Stagedhomes.com® offers the premier Accredited Designation for professional Home Stagers and Real Estate Agents, providing on-trend continuous education, enabling students to apply their creativity, business acumen and ethics to positively run successful businesses.

Stagedhomes.com® empowers our students to provide strong leadership where they work and live, and embrace serving and honoring clients and community, with integrity and compassion.

Stagedhomes.com® Designations:

ASP®-RE – Accredited Staging Partner Real Estate Agent
ASP® – Accredited Staging Professionals®
ASA® – Accredited Staging Assistants®
ASPM® – Accredited Staging Professional Master®

All graduates of our courses receive a 1-year membership in IAHSP®-Europe and IAHSP® International. Renewal of both your designation and membership in IAHSP® are renewed annually.

IAHSP® Courses you can attend to earn added niche credentials for your business:

IAHSP® BTS – Buyer Trend Specialist
IAHSP® CBS – Color Basics Specialist
IAHSP® LHS – Luxury Home Specialist
IAHSP® ISC – Investor Staging Consultant
IAHSP® CDE – Cultural Diversity Expert
IAHSP® STRS – Short Term Rental Specialist
IAHSP® SSS – Senior Staging Specialist

Picture & Space was established by Nicolet Groen in 2011. Nicolet created a proven way to build a sustainable Home Staging business in the Netherlands by combining Staging and Photography. Her vision: Not every house needs full staging, but all properties need photography, photography combined with advice on how to prepare the home before showings. That approach led to multiple contracts with real estate agents that let her take care of the marketing assets of all their listings: Since 2007, Nicolet has staged and photographed over 2000 properties.
During three full days of training in groups of max five persons. Nicolet shares all her knowledge regarding home staging, real estate photography, entrepreneurship, branding, and marketing.  In between each class, there is a week for homework assignments: practicing Home Staging, writing a report, taking pictures, editing in Photoshop, writing a business plan and start exploring branding and marketing to attract clients.
All aspects to start a successful Home Staging business are covered. But, having the tools is one thing, taking it into action is the moment when doubt and questions arise. That’s why every student receives support and feedback up-to one year after graduation.

HOME|Philosophy, was established with the stated mission of giving back dignity to the concept of Home, very often forgotten or disregarded in the Italian residential real estate market.

At HOME|Philosophy we believe in our mission so strongly that we have established a training and education division: HOME|Philosophy Academy, a project that is ambitious as well as solid: its credibility is based on highly professional trainers who are daily striving for excellence both in their performance and in the quality of course contents and materials.

Established in September 2015, HOME|Philosophy Academy (Milan, Italy) has based its mission on permanent education and continuous training, unique in this industry, to provide trainees, after completing the Home Staging course, with some deep and thorough knowledge on how to add value to their activity.

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