IAHSP® Europe Approved Home Staging Courses
(based on the high quality of our educational standards)

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Stagedhomes.com® (English Language) is the World Leader in Home Staging Education.

Since 1999, we have graduated tens of thousands of students through our award-winning programs. We teach estate agents how to include Home Staging as a key listing and marketing tool for their business to equip them to be more productive, successful, and profitable.

We teach those who want be a professional Home Stager how to establish, market, manage and maintain a successful and profitable staging business.

Stagedhomes.com® offers the premier Accredited Designation for professional Home Stagers and Real Estate Agents, providing on-trend continuous education, enabling students to apply their creativity, business acumen and ethics to positively run successful businesses.

Stagedhomes.com® empowers our students to provide strong leadership where they work and live, and embrace serving and honoring clients and community, with integrity and compassion.

Stagedhomes.com® Designations:

ASP®-RE – Accredited Staging Partner Real Estate Agent
ASP® – Accredited Staging Professionals®
ASA® – Accredited Staging Assistants®
ASPM® – Accredited Staging Professional Master®

All graduates of our courses receive a 1-year membership in IAHSP®-Europe and IAHSP® International. Renewal of both your designation and membership in IAHSP® are renewed annually.

IAHSP® Courses you can attend to earn added niche credentials for your business:

IAHSP® BTS – Buyer Trend Specialist
IAHSP® CBS – Color Basics Specialist
IAHSP® LHS – Luxury Home Specialist
IAHSP® ISC – Investor Staging Consultant
IAHSP® CDE – Cultural Diversity Expert
IAHSP® STRS – Short Term Rental Specialist
IAHSP® SSS – Senior Staging Specialist

HOME|Philosophy (Italian Language), was established with the stated mission of giving back dignity to the concept of Home, very often forgotten or disregarded in the Italian residential real estate market.

At HOME|Philosophy we believe in our mission so strongly that we have established a training and education division: HOME|Philosophy Academy, a project that is ambitious as well as solid: its credibility is based on highly professional trainers who are daily striving for excellence both in their performance and in the quality of course contents and materials.

Established in September 2015, HOME|Philosophy Academy (Milan, Italy) has based its mission on permanent education and continuous training, unique in this industry, to provide trainees, after completing the Home Staging course, with some deep and thorough knowledge on how to add value to their activity.

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Gloria Krüner Home Staging Kurs (Russian Language)

Gloria Krüner :

  • Founder of the first Russian-language online School of Homestaging and Redesign, head of the consulting business Gloria Krüner Home Staging & Redesign Consulting (Germany)

  • Certified Homestaging Specialist (IHK Deutschland Certification), Interior Designer and Redesigner

  • Certified Short Term Rentals Specialist (IAHSP STRS)

  • Member of the International (IAHSP®) and European Association of Home Staging Professionals (IAHSP®EUROPE)

  • Improved her qualifications with Barb Schwartz, the founder of Home Staging

  • Adapts Western Home Staging technologies in the post-Soviet space and shares the secrets of how to sell apartments sitting on the market for months during the first showings

  • Students from 24 cities, 5 countries

  • Speaker at the Housing Congress

  • Speaker in the real estate agency N1 in St. Petersburg

  • Speaker at the St. Petersburg International Real Estate Congress

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APHS Home Staging Course (Portuguese Language)

Rita de Miranda:

Rita was certified as a Home Stager in 2011 by Home Staging Resources. After verifying that the Portuguese real estate market was not at all prepared for this new concept, she then decided in 2013 to develop specific training to teach real estate consultants how to sell their properties through this internal marketing technique, working directly with the leading real estate brands in Portugal.

Rita is invited to teach the Home Staging course in several real estate consultancy postgraduate courses, namely at ISCAC and IPAM. She is the president of APHS – Associação Portuguesa de Home Stagers, with the intention of promoting the services of Portuguese Home Stagers, as a way of helping to change the real estate market in Portugal.

APHS offers workshops, lectures, training, courses and certifications according to the desired level of knowledge on the subject of Home Staging.

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Instastaging Home Staging Course (Polish Language)

The Home Staging Pro course is a course that will guide you through the entire Home Staging process – from the process, colours, arrangement, styling to business issues such as creating offers, pricing, budget, process automation and marketing activities. Thanks to it, you will learn how to run a Home Staging business to earn not only for your clients, but also for yourself. As part of the course, you can also take part in live online mastermind sessions to dispel any doubts and develop your business. Over 270 students have already completed the course!

“Klaudia created a new face of Home Staging – Insta Staging’s proprietary strategy. She created the first business course in Poland for Home Stagers, which organises the industry from the inside.”
She is also the author of the book “Home Staging. How to effectively prepare an Instagram interior to earn good money “, also published in English.
Klaudia teaches investors to earn better money from real estate for sale and rent, and Home Stagers streamline their businesses so that they earn money not only for their clients but also for themselves. She runs a group of almost 5,000 people, bringing together people interested in Home Staging in Poland. All this to educate the real estate market in terms of our industry and to unify it.”

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