2021 Colour Trends: Live Webinar with Kristie Barnett

2021 Colour Trends &
The Psychology of Colour Placement
By Kristie Barnett, The Decorologist®

Discover just how much COLOUR impacts home buying decisions and learn how to use it strategically to make any property appear more valuable and updated.

Join the IAHSP®EU on the 11th March at 5pm CET for this live webinar exclusive for members of the Association.

This presentation will teach you:

• The 2020 colour trends that should influence the paint colours and staging props you use – and which ones shouldn’t

• Which colours are most and least appealing to buyers and how to use that information in your consultations

• Which colours to use and which to avoid in home staging

• Why you shouldn’t use the same neutral paint colour throughout a property – and what to do instead

• How to strategically use color and colour placement to alter buyer perceptions of a property

• How to use on-trend paint colors on ceilings, backs of bookcases, doors, stairways, fireplaces, and more!

It’s this 11th March at 5pm CET. We hope to see you there!